Friday, September 01, 2006

I got an Electribe ESX a few weeks ago. I like it a lot. The arpeggiator is fun. This cured my GAS for the Elektron stuff. I do wish the Electribe had more sequences. I have been using it to control my Evolver and CZ-1 and syncing it to the Fat Controller so the modular can make noises on top.

It can take a long time to program in the sequences, but it isn't any more frustrating than using software. The Fat Controller is great because I can just tweak the notes in real time. It even slides while the sequence is playing. And I can move multiple steps by different amounts simultaneously. No software could do that.

Now I see the need for a bigger mixer on the horizon. It took me ten years to really get my guitar setup down. Now I can get most any sound that I am looking for pretty quickly. And most importantly it all works.

I should get back to my Warmoth and AX87 projects. I have a 5 day weekend. Time to breakout the soldering iron.

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